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Wednesday 23 June 2010 alle ore 12:00:22
Category: Renewable Energy
Renewable energies: where to invest in the world
The investment in renewable energies of various countries is the key point of the study by Ernst & Young called "Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index". This study is done every three months to review progress on the position of many countries around the world investment in clean and renewable energy . Countries of the world that have a higher ranking are China and the United States, which tied for sites that are currently investing more on renewable energy production. China currently has invested 34.6 billion dollars, gaining two points from the previous position in the ranking. These are mainly investments in wind power, an investment that has allowed the country to become one of the most important in this field. The United States always rather lose a point for the wind, but still remain in first place tied with China. India also follow the list for a broader development dedicated to solar energy for the projects to be implemented in the future. They go well in the charts even Britain, Brazil and Japan, but are instead lower Spain, Portugal, Australia and Greece. Italy does not change the position, the fifth, according to the progress of wind power plants and the biggest solar energy parks d Europe placed in Rovigo and Montalto di Castro
Tuesday 22 June 2010 alle ore 12:00:01
Category: Renewable Energy
“Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital, in Europe & Silicon Valley”
From June 27 to 30, will be held in Viareggio Conference "Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital in Europe & Silicon Valley." The event, organized by Partners for Growth & Innovation is dedicated to CEOs, CMOS, venture capitalists, developers, designers, CTO, Angel Investors, academics, government representatives, entrepreneurs, innovators, social media and all those other ... stakeholders to Start-up Business and Technological Innovation. The conference promises to be an excellent opportunity to share their experiences with international experts in the field and especially to keep abreast of trends affecting the industry’s most innovative start-ups, worldwide. Among the speakers: Marco Marinucci (Google & Exec Dir, Mind The Bridge), Valt Loikanen (GrowVC), Mike Butcher (TechCrunch Europe), Stefano Bernardi (dpixel), Brian Wong (Digg), Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (The Next Web Conference), Idar Sylvester (Link Silicon Valley), Chris Cinelli (Stanford University), Clint Nelsen (Startup Weekend)
Monday 21 June 2010 alle ore 10:00:02
Category: Renewable Energy
European Council for Renewable Energy: 95 percent renewable energy by 2050
According to a detailed report of the European Council for Renewable Energy, a market of 18 trillion dollars would be created with 95 percent renewable energy available by 2050. The detailed economic analysis finds that this objective is not only technically but also economically feasible to reduce global emissions of gases and consistent with the recommendations of scientists: 80 percent lower by 2050 compared to 1990. The ratio calculated for the 2050, not only the economy will have a greater sustainability but also the energy cost will be well below the price paid today. Furthermore, the report does not take into account any energy saving measures, but only the share of energy production to meet the global needs of the world.
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