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Thursday 06 August 2009 alle ore 09:00:57
Category: Private Equity
No deal between Clessidra and Cavalli
The fund Claudio Sposito has stopped negotiations with the designer to take over a share of the company. Behind the rupture, the failure in obtaining the stakeholders majority. In early June, after months of negotiation, Cavalli and Clessidra had signed a letter of intent for the sale of the shares giving until September 30 to determine the exact amount of the transaction. According to some sources, however, they not managed to reach a meeting point on the value of the share of 30% of the capital. Clessidra should have pointed out, otherwise, the breaking point would be on need for an increase of the share capital of the Florentine fashion and move in majority of the fund led by Sposito. The designer said he was "ready to cut the massive costs" and "mid-September" will present a new team manager. At this point, the designer will have to find a way out.
Thursday 30 July 2009 alle ore 09:00:02
Category: Private Equity
Heavy losses for private companies in Italy
While private enterprises suffer the crises more, the public shareholding companies have losses less severe. This is the conclusion of the 2009 edition of the report drawn up by Centro Studi e Ricerche di Mediobanca . The report showed a marked slowdown for banks and insurance companies. The companies that have suffered the biggest losses were: STM that in just 4 years has grown from 432 million profit to a loss of 565 million euros, Banco Popolare goes from +422 mln 333 mln (loss) and Pirelli (from + -348 mln 251 mln). Eni on the podium last year recorded a net income of 8825 million. Fiat lost 1634 million in 2004 but has earned 1612 in 2008.
Saturday 18 July 2009 alle ore 09:00:58
Category: Private Equity
Private equity, 115 companies are ready for IPOs
A study performed by Borsa Italiana and AIFI illustrated that 460 companies parteceipated by PE funds have the requirements for entry into the Stock Market. The Profile is a family company which sold a share in the process of generational change. About 460 firms in the portfolio of funds at 30 June 2008, 115 are those that meet the requirements for landing on the market. It is the result of the first research company quotabili part by funds run by Borsa Italiana and AiFi, the Italian Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital, in collaboration with the EMP, the Private Equity Monitor.
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