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Saturday 12 June 2010 alle ore 12:00:15
Category: Renewable Energy
Google will invest in energy in Italy
Google eats every day Disproportionate numbers of megawatts of energy to power their servers and data centers around the world and for this reason has decided to invest in the sector, focusing on renewable energy. Has already done in the U.S. and is planning to do in Europe and Italy in particular. Said the Country Manager Google Italy, Stefano Maruzzi during a meeting held in Milan from Sole 24 Ore on the new business model
Friday 11 June 2010 alle ore 12:00:28
Category: Private Equity
Buyout, Argos Soditic acquires 70% of Termoindustriale
The operator of private equity firm Argos Soditic has acquired the majority of Termoindustriale through an all-equity management buyout. Argos Soditic, said in a statement, he bought 70% of Termoindustriale, while the management team, led by James and Walter Viberti Capponi, will be 30%. Financial terms of the buyout were not disclosed. Termoindustriale plant engineering work. It ended 2009 with a turnover of around 18 million.
Tuesday 08 June 2010 alle ore 12:00:37
Category: Real Estate
Aleph sgr: 320 million for development of La Spezia Ip area
Aleph sgr, authorized by Bank of Italy in early May, aims to increase along four lines: "We are developing a real estate fund for student housing - Musso said - and a fund dedicated to alternative energy sources that will develop a power of 20 MW." The investment of La Spezia is one of a "real estate developments of regional significance." A final chapter is devoted to debt restructuring: "We are studying - adds Musso - real estate funds to revitalize operations that otherwise disinvestment ground."
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