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Tuesday 25 May 2010 alle ore 12:00:57
Category: Renewable Energy
RealEnergy: the first real estate fund for the production of energy from renewable sources
Promoted and managed by SGR of EstCapital Palladium Group, has exceeded the minimum amount provided for the first closing of 20 million, equivalent to over 50 million euros of investment capacity. The Fund was authorized by the Bank of Italy, it is operational and targeted for institutional investors and private as well. The Palladium Financial Group is the largest investor. The fund intends to make a second closing in the first quarter of 2010 and has a target date for this collection of up to 50 million euros, which make investments totaling EUR 125 million in photovoltaic parks to achieve by the end of 2010
Friday 11 September 2009 alle ore 08:00:12
Category: Real Estate
Italian real estate "commercial market" is worth 105 billion investment
The Italian non-residential real estate market - offices, shops, tourist and hotel facilities and warehouses - has an investment potential of over 105 billion euros in 2009, for an average of about 245 million per project. The estimate was made by a joint study undertaken by National Builders Association (reeds) and Real Estate Advisory Group (reaction) for identifying new investment prospects in construction market. In Northern Italy - emerges from the study - is located 65% of the investments, 19% in the center and only 16% in the South and Islands. Projects and programs of urban transformation representing 52.2% of the total. The Italian real estate funds hold the largest portfolio (34.7 billion), ahead of insurance (22.6 billion) pension funds (15.6 billion), banks (14.5 billion) and listed property companies (2 billion). Most investment funds focused on offices (57% of total), commercial (21%), development (14%), logistics and industrial (7%) and residential (1%). The funds dedicated to savers while 28 are reserved for those investors are 210. The research provides concrete guidance for operators to launch new projects, identifying the characteristics of initiatives, with more likely to be attractive and easy to place on the market. In addition to some signs that may be considered cross - environmentally sustainable projects with a focus on energy saving and environmental certification, rehabilitation of former industrial areas of central and semi-periphery, local enhancement and asset disposal, functional mix - the study outlines guidelines for the implementation field of innovative operations in each sector, highlighting the importance of rehabilitation and restoration of buildings and raising the quality
Tuesday 08 September 2009 alle ore 09:00:32
Category: Renewable Energy
With the project finance stop 88% of public works
The survey "The project finance operations: state of the art and directions for the future," analyzes initiatives taken in Italy by the 2236 Local Government (excluding health care bids) between 2005 and 2008 in four areas: parking, sports facilities, cemeteries and public buildings. Only 274 were actually awarded, with a mortality rate of the 88 per cent. The research considers both operations to private initiative, in which the government leaves to the private companies the project proposal for the construction and management work, which, if approved, is rewarded through the fees for the use . Taken from the haste to carry out the works in a context of scarce resources, local authorities have neglected the real impact of the operations. The result has been to give opportunistic attitudes to private entrepreneurs, who have used its bargaining power and information asymmetry to their advantage thanks to the support and connivance of local policies. So in many cases, costs have been overestimated and investment and management revenues underestimated: these are the conclusions of the investigation.
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