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Friday 17 July 2009 alle ore 09:00:13
Category: Private Equity
Safilo: Pai Partners withdraws from race
The list of suitors for the partnership with Safilo is making shorter. Based on rumors, the private equity partners Pai withdrawn from the competition to buy a stake in the capital of the company producing high-end eyewear. The one to stay in the race that could provide fresh capital is a company controlled by the Tabacchi family: Bain Capital
Wednesday 15 July 2009 alle ore 15:00:42
Category: Private Equity
Fgx still interested in buying Safilo
Il Sole 24 Ore interviewed billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, chief of private equity fund Berggruen Holding. The financier has reiterated his intention to submit an integration project between Fgx and Safilo despite the negative opinion of the Tabacchi family. According to Nicolas Berggruen, the project to integrate a manufacturer of glasses for the mass market, as Fgx International, with a focus on high-end segment, as Safilo, still remains coherent.
Wednesday 08 July 2009 alle ore 09:00:48
Category: Private Equity
Bcc PE sold to Interpump HS Penta participation
Bcc Private Equity, the fund management companies controlled by securities closed Iccrea Holding, sold to Interpump Hydraulics International, the holding in HS Penta SpA, a leader in hydraulic components. The transaction of sale was through funds Bcc PE1 (for 26.81%) and MC2 (for the 13,20%), for a total of 40.01% stake. The additional 30% of HS Penta the property of their industrial partners will be acquired by Interpump by 31 July 2009 through merger for shares in the sub-holding company IHI, based on the results of consuntivi 2008. About 70% of HS Penta IHI has paid a price of 12 million.
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