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Tuesday 07 July 2009 alle ore 09:00:36
Category: Real Estate
Beni stabili: 2.6m pre-purchase agreement
Beni Stabili has signed a pre-purchase agreement of a property belonging to the portfolio Imser 60, located in Florence in Via Scipione Ammirato 33, leased to Telecom. The selling price is € 2.6 m compared with a market value at 30 June 2009 of 2 million 429 thousand euro. The closing is expected by the end of 2009
Tuesday 07 July 2009 alle ore 09:00:20
Category: Renewable Energy
Project Finance restars from H2o
Regione Lombardia and Finlombarda presented the results of the twentieth Report of the Regional Project Finance in Sydney in collaboration with the Directorate General Home and Public Works. At the last survey - relating to the period from November 2008 to February 2009 - there is a strong growth of the projects awarded (in value), + 725% compared to last year and + 482% over two years ago. The increase, however, is almost exclusively due to the TEM, which is, alone, 1578.9 million euro of 1724 million euros awarded in the last year. Without MET value of awards decreased by 26%. "With the successful award of the East Outer Ring road, the Lombardy Region and the regional system would be extended the real driving force of project financing in Lombard. The Tem is another milestone achieved by the Region in the development and strengthening of the road system, which is in addition to other important works awarded in project finance, such as the Bre.Be.Mi. and Cremona-Mantua and Pavia-Broni-Mortara "- says Romano Colozza, Head Resources, Finance and Institutional Relations of the Region.
Tuesday 30 June 2009 alle ore 09:00:52
Category: Private Equity
PE: a negative trend for the Italian market in the first 09 months
In 2008, increased operations of Private Equity (+27%) and value (+40% of investments in leveraged buy out) in contrast to the sharp decline in European (-60% values 19% invested and operations). However, it should also be noted that the first months of 2009 are giving signs of a signicative negative trend. According to the results of a PE and LBO research from Sda Bocconi, in 2008 the Italian market showed a good state of health, especially when compared with the main EU markets. The authors emphasize that 2009 shows a trend in stark contrast due to the structural effects of the credit crunch. The study also shows that 76% of the leveraged buy out in 2008 is concentrated in the mid-market (companies’ target with enterprise value between 50-250 million euros) and in the lower mid-market (10-50 million) and that in about 55% of the cases have involved companies’ target with turnover between 10 and 100 million euros. Italy is confirmed as a market focus to a greater extent on small and mid-end market. The total value of transactions and ’instead concentrate for 64% in big bands and large (ie over 500 million euros)
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