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Thursday 28 August 2008
Category: Real Estate
Intesa SanPaolo: probable sale of Immit RE in the short term
"We are close to sell our company of real estate, which shuold have be listed". It is Corrado Passera during the Conference of presentation of Intesa SanPaolo half-year report. According to him, the operation will have a positive impact on the group coefficients
Wednesday 20 August 2008
Category: Private Equity
Parmalat: a probable target for PE
According to "Ilsole24ore", Parmalat is in some of the major private equity funds interests. These are apparently studying the memorandum and rumors-still unconfirmed-suggest a possible company takeover. Also banks would have request the dossier and initiated contacts with shareholders to study possible operations. The same are apparently doing some PE funds. The reason for so much interest are the hard numbers and the shareholding structure: Parmalat capitalise on the stock exchange more than 3B having in cash 1,2B, which could grow more than 2 billion, with the eventual compensation from Citigroup.
Monday 11 August 2008
Category: Real Estate
Caam Re buy a 35M building
Caam Real Estate Italia Sgr has signed a preliminary agreement for the purchase of a commercial building located in Milan. It will be allocated among two funds- Fondo Caam Re Italia and Fondo Caam Re Europa- for an overall value of 35M. The gross starting return rate is 6.34%. The transaction should close by September the 30th.
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