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Wednesday 06 August 2008
Category: Private Equity
Mediobanca: after CICR reform, the bank could increase Generali shares and PE investiments
New scenarios for Mediobanca after the reform decreed by the Interministerial Committee for the Credit and Savings (Cicr). The Bank could strengthen its strategic participation in Generali and RCS MediaGroup. Secondly, the merchant bank will play with more relevance within the PE sector after the decision made by Cicr to remove for banks the limit of 15% in the companies capital underwriting. This change will give the opportunity at Mediobanca to acquire majority shares in some companies, helping them in the development and following IPOs.
Monday 04 August 2008
Category: Real Estate
Estcapital: 600M to invest looking for new opportunities
Estcapital and Palladium AM have approved the half-year reports of the nine REfunds, closed with a total of assets equal to 971,6m divided in 867,4m million in property and 83,9m of cash. This liquidity that summed the subscriptions yet to call of 122 million, bring the cash value to 205.9 million, with a capacity of new investment of more than 600 million. At 30 June 2008, the funds mean leverage was equal to 45.8%, while the debt/equity was 43.8%. The performance of the main funds stood in line with the best performance. In particular, the Fund Realest I scored an annual IRR of 32.10%, the Real Red Fund 23.3%, the Geo Ponente 21, 4% and the RealEmerging Fund, 10%.
Monday 04 August 2008
Category: Private Equity
The Credem private equity fund buy Galeati
Credem Private Equity (Credem group) through the Credem venture capital fund, has reached the agreement for the purchase of Galeati graphic industries, based in Imola (Bologna). Its print activities dates back to 1816. In 2007, the company generated a turnover of more than 15 million with a ebitda margin over the 20%. For this year it is expected a 10% turnover growth. With this operation, the company has the opportunity to continue its development. From the 2000, the company has been achieving a 10% growth rate per annum, with solid financial and managerial skills. Galeati at present serves about 120 customers (many of which for over 100 years) and publish 85 titles among newspapers, weekly, magazines, free press, in addition to catalogues, booklet, art books, magazines and institutional reviews.
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