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Monday 28 June 2010 alle ore 10:00:00
Category: Real Estate
Federal state property: soon a short list assets and net asset value
Last May 21 was given a favorable opinion from the so-called federalism state property, which had already received the green light of the bicameral commission, with subsequent approval by the Italian Council of Ministers. With the decree has been transferred free of charge of state assets to municipalities, provinces, metropolitan cities and regions that will be required now to ensure their "full use". Subject to the allocation for the Regions and local maritime domain property, water, airports, regional or local interest, mines and other immovable State property and movable property associated with them. So for reasons of proximity will be the common target group of government buildings and terrain today. As cultural heritage for which there will be a development agreement with the Ministry, as well as the barracks abandoned by the defense. Regions the domain property of land and marine water, with the exception of closed lakes that are allocated to the provinces, as well as mines. Provinces will also be guaranteed a share of the rents of land water transferred to the regions. For the municipalities, properties of Defense decommissioned, buildings and land, fees for beach concessions, the wastelands of major ports.
Saturday 26 June 2010 alle ore 12:00:59
Category: Real Estate
Carlyle King Sgr prepares the first Italian fund
Carlyle’s real estate asset management company, after the the Bank of Italy approval on January, is preparing to launch its first fund. "The European fund we are investing today has collected 2.2 billion euros in 2008. Of these still remain today to invest 750 million and about 20% will be dedicated to Italy," said Audagna, head for Italy real estate of U.S. private equity giant. "The next step will we do in Italy, is a fund established under Italian law, which will be specially formed with capital provided by Carlyle’s European fund and other investors, developers typically, we involved for this specific operation" Audagna concluded.
Saturday 26 June 2010 alle ore 12:00:28
Category: Private Equity
Private Equity for Italian MidCap
Is born the Italian Investment Fund for MidCap. The billion promised by Giulio Tremonti was found even during this economic crisis created to support the development of Midcap. It should be operational by this September. The Fund is closed and it counts among its members ABI, the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and a consortium of banks, which has already appointed President Marco Vitale and activity will be devoted to support biz with turnover between 10 and 100 million. After take-off planned for the autumn then Italian Midcap, which are the backbone of the Italian system, will finally have a modern financial partner you can rely on.
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