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Thursday 24 June 2010 alle ore 09:00:48
Category: Real Estate
Beni Stabili sells property in Rome
Beni Stabili Management SGR has finalized the sale of a building in Rome, fully leased, owned by the REIT INVEST REAL SECURITY. The sale price, amounting to 14,772,337 euros, generated a capital gain equal to 4,973,955 euros (+50.8%) than the purchase price to 27 June 2005 and a gain amounting to 2,662,337 euros (+22 %) than the value determined by independent experts at December 31, 2009. On May 30, 2010 the independent experts have expressed opinion on such positive congruity
Thursday 24 June 2010 alle ore 09:00:44
Category: Private Equity
ERG Renew buy IVPC Power 5
ERG Renew has reached an agreement to acquire 100% stake in Power IVPC 5 Company which holds two wind farms, one in Molise (40 MW) in operation by January 2010, and one in Apulia (62 MW) which went into operation in the current month of June. The value of the acquisition is 224 million Euros, or about 2.2 million per MW, including approximately 175 million financed by a project financing already in being. Capacity of 102 MW total installed will add to 208 MW of existing ERG Renew, with production of electricity, in the scheme, estimated at about 220 GWh a year, bringing total capacity installed in late 2013, 530 MW, compared to 428 MW in 2010/2013 plan announced March 3, 2010. The transaction, subject to approval by the ’anti-trust and acceptance of change of control by the institutions financing the project financing, is expected by the end of July
Wednesday 23 June 2010 alle ore 13:00:16
Category: Renewable Energy
Rome capital of renewable energy
The City of Rome, with the accession to the Covenant signed May 4, 2010 in Brussels, pledged to implement a series of measures for energy efficiency, renewable energy projects and measures for energy savings . The cornerstones of the "master plan" are: 1) transform the downtown into attractive and lively place with open spaces and accessible, pedestrian areas, roads that will help increase humanity. 2) bring vitality and density in the heart of the city, keeping to a sense of community with high housing sustainability and energy-efficient apartments in livable 3) enhance the relationship between the city and its agricultural land 4) Rome to rethink energy concentric zones and interconnected 5) tempering Rome through thousands of micro gardens both public and private. 6) collaborative learning and distributed education and training systems or totally rethought "hyper-competitive than the model currently in force" banner - instead - the sharing, exchange of knowledge and a growing "empathy" 7) improve agriculture on 80 000 hectares of green areas, to shorten the chain, promote local production and reduce costs and harmful emissions from the transport of food 8) create technology parks (wind and solar) and Biosphere (to produce biomass) throughout the city and in rural areas; 9) increase the development (in accordance with the guidelines already given by the Campidoglio in Rome on a "low carbon") of new companies in the fields of environmental compatibility.
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