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Wednesday 02 March 2016 alle ore 18:00:40
Category: Real Estate
Yard: the forecasts of real estate in Italy
2017 has all the characteristics to be identified as a bridge year, ie a year of preparation for the next one which, for various reasons, could reverse the downward slope that for many years has plagued the Italian economy, in particular the real estate industry. There is every reason why we can predict a recovery, even in the Italian real estate market. The findings of the 2nd Yard report of the real estate cycle forecast that identifies the key leverage points for a positive boost they themselves can provide a solution to critical factors such as residential consumption affecting too much on the market, a housing market that slowly slips out from active employment, being relegated to a form of exchange between individuals, to the manorial economy familistic type and the fact that often remain without interesting answers the housing needs of new generations.
Wednesday 02 March 2016 alle ore 18:00:06
Category: Real Estate
UBS Asset Management Italy SGR S.p.A. consolidated its real estate team
UBS Asset Management (Italy) SGR S.p.A. announces the entry of Vincenzo Nocerino as new Head of the Business Transactions Italy Real Estate & Private Markets (REPM). Nocerino joins the 10 professionals who already make up the Italian team of UBS REPM with the aim to further support the rapid growth of the platform created in 2015 and dedicated to the property sector, which has seen UBS Asset Management successfully win two important mandates in Italy , with a target of assets under management of more than 1 billion euros.
Monday 28 June 2010 alle ore 10:00:00
Category: Real Estate
Federal state property: soon a short list assets and net asset value
Last May 21 was given a favorable opinion from the so-called federalism state property, which had already received the green light of the bicameral commission, with subsequent approval by the Italian Council of Ministers. With the decree has been transferred free of charge of state assets to municipalities, provinces, metropolitan cities and regions that will be required now to ensure their "full use". Subject to the allocation for the Regions and local maritime domain property, water, airports, regional or local interest, mines and other immovable State property and movable property associated with them. So for reasons of proximity will be the common target group of government buildings and terrain today. As cultural heritage for which there will be a development agreement with the Ministry, as well as the barracks abandoned by the defense. Regions the domain property of land and marine water, with the exception of closed lakes that are allocated to the provinces, as well as mines. Provinces will also be guaranteed a share of the rents of land water transferred to the regions. For the municipalities, properties of Defense decommissioned, buildings and land, fees for beach concessions, the wastelands of major ports.
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