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Saturday 26 June 2010 alle ore 12:00:59
Category: Real Estate
Carlyle King Sgr prepares the first Italian fund
Carlyle’s real estate asset management company, after the the Bank of Italy approval on January, is preparing to launch its first fund. "The European fund we are investing today has collected 2.2 billion euros in 2008. Of these still remain today to invest 750 million and about 20% will be dedicated to Italy," said Audagna, head for Italy real estate of U.S. private equity giant. "The next step will we do in Italy, is a fund established under Italian law, which will be specially formed with capital provided by Carlyle’s European fund and other investors, developers typically, we involved for this specific operation" Audagna concluded.
Thursday 24 June 2010 alle ore 09:00:48
Category: Real Estate
Beni Stabili sells property in Rome
Beni Stabili Management SGR has finalized the sale of a building in Rome, fully leased, owned by the REIT INVEST REAL SECURITY. The sale price, amounting to 14,772,337 euros, generated a capital gain equal to 4,973,955 euros (+50.8%) than the purchase price to 27 June 2005 and a gain amounting to 2,662,337 euros (+22 %) than the value determined by independent experts at December 31, 2009. On May 30, 2010 the independent experts have expressed opinion on such positive congruity
Friday 18 June 2010 alle ore 12:00:50
Category: Real Estate
Milan June 22, 2010: Real Estate 2.0
Held in Milan on June 22 event "Real Estate 2.0 ’10" designed to promote a culture of innovation among all players in the Italian sector of the property and Construction. The meeting will be the exclusive opportunity to reflect on the potential of new tools for Web marketing and communication for maintaining and developing a competitive advantage in the residential sector, tourism and services. The event will also frame of the first Real Estate Web Star Award, which aims to reward the draft Real Estate Online most innovative and creative year.
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