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Monday 11 August 2008
Category: Real Estate
Caam Re buy a 35M building
Caam Real Estate Italia Sgr has signed a preliminary agreement for the purchase of a commercial building located in Milan. It will be allocated among two funds- Fondo Caam Re Italia and Fondo Caam Re Europa- for an overall value of 35M. The gross starting return rate is 6.34%. The transaction should close by September the 30th.
Friday 08 August 2008
Category: Real Estate
Beni Stabili: pre-purchase agreement for a skyscraper located in Turin
Beni Stabili signed a pre-purchase agreement for a property sale located in Turin to a private investor. It is the Lancia skyscraper, with a total area of 7.416 sqm. The final price is 6,4M related to a book value of 3,9M million and a market value of 5,4M. The closing is expected by the end of October 2008.
Monday 04 August 2008
Category: Real Estate
Estcapital: 600M to invest looking for new opportunities
Estcapital and Palladium AM have approved the half-year reports of the nine REfunds, closed with a total of assets equal to 971,6m divided in 867,4m million in property and 83,9m of cash. This liquidity that summed the subscriptions yet to call of 122 million, bring the cash value to 205.9 million, with a capacity of new investment of more than 600 million. At 30 June 2008, the funds mean leverage was equal to 45.8%, while the debt/equity was 43.8%. The performance of the main funds stood in line with the best performance. In particular, the Fund Realest I scored an annual IRR of 32.10%, the Real Red Fund 23.3%, the Geo Ponente 21, 4% and the RealEmerging Fund, 10%.
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