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Monday 21 July 2008
Category: Real Estate
Unicredit Re: a 2B fund
UniCredit is launching a 2B fund which is part of the strategic organization plan after Capitalia acquisition. In accordance with indiscretions, the bank is proceeding to identify advisors and asset management companies to manage the patrimony. After Capitalia acquisition, properties are focused on 5000 buildings for an overall surface of 3,7 millions of sqm, for an eximated value of 5B.
Tuesday 01 July 2008
Category: Real Estate
MPS Real Estate: Joinventure between Calatagirone and Generali
Caltagirone and Generali together in the competition for the aquisition of 49% real estate assets of MPS. On behalf of Caltagirone and Generali RE Italia Sgr, this operation foresees the constitution of a new real estate fund to manage all MPS and Antonveneta assets. In this fund, proposed by the Caltagirone-Genarli joint-venture, Mps will maintain 51% while the other 49% will be divided among Calatagirone and Generali and other investors , still not identified.
Monday 30 June 2008
Category: Real Estate
Beni Stabili: a building deal located in Milan
In exectuion of a pre purchase agreement signed april the 8th 2008, Beni Stabili has closed a deal concerning a building located in Milan, Via Mazzini, 2. The final price has been 46M related to a book value of 42,5M.
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